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Let’s face it – UK Law is extremely complicated, if not a complete nightmare! Our aim is to help you solve your legal worries. We simplify it all for you, and tell you where you stand legally and what your rights are. Avoid costly errors and fight for your rights. Our low cost service can save you a fortune compared to a high street solicitor.

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Legal issues can be extremely important. After all Law governs everything we do! Making an error today can be extremely costly in terms of money, but also in terms of stress and personal well-being in the future.

That’s why it’s vital to know exactly where you stand legally, and to find out what your rights are. Law is there to protect us and others, and uncertainty means that our rights may be being infringed without us realising that this is the case. Also, if you have rights, then you need to know what they are and how you can use them.

Sometimes legal worries can cause grief, stress or even anger. If this is you, then it important to know that we can help you. Not knowing your legal position can be a frightening and lonely experience for many. But it doesn’t have to be that way – we can erase your doubts and give you reassurance in your situation.

Legal disputes can also involve a lot of money. Maybe you are owed money. Or maybe you are entitled to compensation which you are not aware of. Statutory limits apply in many instances, so it’s important to get the answers you need immediately.

We are here to help. Our team of legal experts are friendly and understanding and are ready to make your issues our priority.

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  • If your legal matter is causing you grief, stress or anger.
  • If it involves a few hundred pounds or more
  • If you need advise urgently because you feel your rights are being violated
  • If you think you have rights but want to know what they are or what to do next
  • If you feel it is a serious matter but don’t know where you stand legally
  • If you want to be on the safe side of the law, just in case
  • If you want to avoid a costly error and know exactly how you should proceed
  • If your life or livelihood is being affected and you need help

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Amazing service! I’m delighted I tried your service as I needed some advice urgently. It’s hard to get on with your life sometimes without important answers. Thank you for helping me, and getting backing to me so quickly.

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I needed urgent advice and LawAdviceUK got back to me very quickly with the answers I wanted. I now have confidence about my rights, and will be taking further action soon. I would definitely recommend them.